How Adrian Lima Stays In Shape For Her Fashion Show

Adrian LimaDo you want to know a super model’s diet plan? Do you think that by having a glimpse on the foods that super models are eating, you will be helped in achieving the same gorgeous bodies? In the event that you are dead serious in improving your body physique by slimming down and getting rid of your bulges as well as your love handles, then allow us to give you some ideas on what top models eat before they hit the stage.

Let us take a look at our example below:

Do you know Adrian Lima? Yes, this is one of the top and super models that are admired by millions of people around the world. Do you know the foods she eats before she presents herself to Adrian Lima 1the famous Victoria Secret Fashion show?

For sure, the answer to this question will capture your attention especially if you have been following the illustrious career of this super model. So, if you have aspirations of following her footsteps and of becoming a super model too in the near future, then start achieving your dream with the help of the information we will share in the succeeding paragraphs.

Adrian Lima is able to perform well in every fashion show because she is following the liquid diet. While she has her own nutritionist who guides her on what foods to eat, she gives much importance on her liquid intake prior to any fashion show. In a day, she is able to consume 9 gallons of water prior to a show. 9 days before the actual show, she will only be taking protein drinks and absolutely no solid meals. While this diet is not easy to follow, the result that you can get from it is something that will satisfy and compensate all sacrifices.

Now that you know the diet that this super model is following, it is now up to you to condition yourself if you have the will and determination to adhere to it too. Keep in mind that success is not done overnight, since, in order to attain it, you will need to work really hard.